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Cervical Cancer - go get screened!

September is Cervical Screening Awareness Month – the aim of which is to raise awareness about the benefits of cervical screening.

Why is cervical screening important to the world of life insurance? Because any positive action that individuals can take that contributes to detecting cancer at an early stage will ultimately result in less people dying from cancer.

Consider how cervical screening changes the odds…
No screening With screening
Odds of a woman developing cervical cancer 1 in 90 1 in 570
Odds of a woman dying from cervical cancer 1 in 200 1 in 1280

So, with regular screening, women are 6 times less likely to either develop or die from cervical cancer.


  • Get screened... sounds like a no-brainer!
  • Take a look at life insurance... what have you got to lose???

(For more info see NZ National Screening Website

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