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The power of goal setting

The power of goal setting

As we kick-start into a new year, many of us are either contemplating or have already set some New Year’s goals. However, despite the undeniable power of goal setting, we want to ensure you don’t find yourself among the 91% who don’t achieve their New Years goals.

New Year’s goals and resolutions are a global tradition, providing us with an opportunity to highlight what we want to achieve or work on in the coming year. While they may be challenging, they are important to allow us to focus our attention on our desired lifestyle. But, setting the right goal that fits and aligns with your values is key. We know that 23% quit their resolution by the end of the first week and 43% quit by the end of January. So, the question is, how can you be part of that top 9% that successfully achieves their resolutions?

How can you achieve your goals?

What is your why?

Start at the beginning... What do you want to change or achieve? No matter what it is, you need to ask yourself, ‘why does achieving that goal matter to me?’ It allows you to build motivation within yourself to achieve the goal and continue working at it, even when it’s hard.

Is it achievable

The most important part of setting a goal is making sure it’s within reach. If it isn’t a SMART goal - you may find yourself lacking motivation because it’s too hard. Keep your goals realistic and build on them. You don’t need to solve the world’s problems in a year; start off small and grow year-on-year.

Break it down

You have your goal. Now, what are some different stepping stones along the way? Think about small, actionable steps. For example, if your goal involves exercise, focus on consistency, like getting in a 20-minute workout everyday. If it's finances, break it down with a budget or cash flow spending plan.

Build consistency

Starting your goal is great, but for any progress, it needs to be consistent. Consistent check-ins, updates, exercises - find a way to make it a daily routine.

Setbacks - adapt and flex

Setbacks are a natural part of any journey. Instead of seeing them as obstacles, turn them into opportunities for positive change. If you feel you’ve gone off track, don’t stop working towards your goal, instead, sit down and rework what you’re aiming for. Remember - goals can be set at any time; they don’t need to align with the 1st year of the month, year or week.

Accountability matters

Accountability matters, but it’s crucial to have the right person to hold you accountable. Whether it’s a fitness, financial or other goal, the relationship with the person keeping you accountable matters for the goal to be worth it.

The power of goal setting

It may have dawned on you that having a goal and achieving it are two separate things, and achieving is the hard part! So, why bother? Well, it all goes back to your ‘why’. Having a goal focuses your attention on things that matter to you. It allows you to create a vision of yourself and your lifestyle, ensuring you spend time learning and working towards something that’s meaningful to you. Goals help us grow and develop, putting into perspective what’s important to keep us on track to achieving great things, be it personal, work-related, or in the community.

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