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Why life insurance is the best Mother's Day gift.

Why life insurance is the best Mother's Day gift.

Mother's Day has been and gone for 2024. For some people, it can be a tough day, particularly if they've lost a mum they were close to. But, for many people (especially the mums themselves), it's a special day to acknowledge how hard many Mums work to provide and give their children everything they can. It's also a good time to reflect on how your family would cope if 'Mum' could no longer do all her 'mum' things.

Why our NZ mums should get life insurance.

This past weekend, many families across NZ and Australia came together to honour and cherish mothers. From heartfelt posts on social media to breakfasts in bed, people came together to celebrate. Whether you celebrated with your children, a biological mum, a step-mum, an adoptive mum, or someone who has been like a mother to you, the sentiment remains the same - mothers are hugely important in our lives.

Amidst all the happiness and love shared this weekend, we think It’s important to consider what mums do and how families might cope if the worst were to happen.

For that reason, Mothers Day can be a good reminder of why life insurance is so important for your friends and whanāu. Having life insurance in place to protect your loved ones ensures they have a secure future. It’s not just about the money; it’s about making sure the people who’ve been there for us are taken care of, no matter what happens.

What insurance do mothers need:

Life Insurance

Life Insurance serves as a safety net for your family’s financial security. It ensures that even if you’re unable to provide for your loved ones due to unforeseen circumstances, they can maintain their lifestyle. Whether it’s covering immediate expenses like bills and mortgage payments or ensuring future plans like your children's education remain intact, life insurance provides invaluable peace of mind. Learn more about life insurance.

Trauma Cover

In addition to life insurance, incorporating critical illness cover into your policy may be crucial. The coverage grants you access to a portion of your life insurance benefit if suffer from one of the 24 conditions, including cancer, heart attacks, and strokes. It serves as a financial lifeline during challenging times, helping to fund medical care or provide for your family's needs while you focus on recovery. Learn more about Trauma cover.

Income Protection

Income protection is especially essential for mothers who rely on their income to support themselves and their families. The insurance ensures that if you’re unable to work due to illness or injury, you’ll continue to receive monthly payments to cover essential expenses that your income would usually cover. It offers invaluable financial stability during an uncertain time when you need it most. Learn more about income protection.

As we celebrate our mothers, let’s think about planning ahead. By getting life insurance sorted, we can have a plan to protect the most important people in our lives and ensure they’re looked after, no matter what.

If you’re interested in life insurance and want to see if it’s right for you, talk to one of our team by calling 0800 22 22 23 or email We want your insurance to provide for your loved ones if you’re not around.

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