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Want lower life insurance premiums? Then don't stay home!

When I saw the statistic that 632,920 New Zealanders were injured in their homes last year I thought there must be some mistake… maybe an extra zero. But nope, the number is correct.

With a total population of only 4.4mil people in New Zealand, this means around 1 in 7 people are injured at home each year. That’s like 5 to 10 people in every street in New Zealand ended up in a doctor's waiting room or a hospital because of a home accident.

However, if we drill a little deeper into these numbers we notice that 621 people died in home accidents last year... more than the total number of people killed in road accidents and workplace accidents combined!!

So what does this mean for life insurance?

Well… typically, if you engage in dangerous pastimes such as abseiling, rock climbing, sky diving or hunting, or if you are employed in a dangerous occupation such as working on an oil rig, you’ll be charged a higher price for your life insurance.

It sounds like we should be adding one more dangerous occupation/pastime to the list… staying at home!

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