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Joint life insurance - making life insurance even easier in 2017

Joint life insurance - making life insurance even easier in 2017

Since 1998, we’ve been passionate about helping kiwis to get life insurance simply and quickly. And today we’ve made it even easier.

We’re the first life insurance company in NZ (and probably the world!) to allow you and your partner to apply for, and receive a joint life insurance policy online. No long forms to fill out – the process is all online, and for the majority of people we won’t need to get any additional information from you, or even ask you to go to see a doctor.

You can choose your own level of cover, or pick from our pre-selected list of popular cover amounts. So all you need is a spare 15 minutes or so – whenever in the day or night it suits you - and then it’s just a matter of following your nose (well the online application process actually), and before you know it, you and your partner could be covered, with your personalised policy in your inbox. And we’ll also give you a discount for having a joint policy, as well as a discount for applying online – because we believe that we should pass our savings onto you by way of cheaper premiums. How simple is that!

So if making sure that your family’s future is secure was a 2017 New Year’s resolution, then get a no-obligation quote now and sort your life insurance needs out today. If you have more questions you can get started on our 'Help me choose' pages!

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