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Why we chose 'Protect your Luck'

Why we chose 'Protect your Luck'

With any ‘luck’ one of the conversations around your dinner table this week has been our new advertising campaign. After spending a week getting your attention with an unbranded ad we’ve now gone full throttle with a 60 second TV ad, billboards, and social media.

We wanted to prompt Kiwis to think about what makes them feel lucky. We hope this will help families have a conversation about the importance of protecting what they value and who they love and ultimately encourage them to take action.

It seems us Kiwis are aware of a wide range of risks but we’re not so good at protecting ourselves from all the possibilities. Research presented last week by the Financial Services Council indicates, for example, that we are more likely to protect our property than consider the impact of how our day-to-day lives would be affected by the death of a family member or not being able to work. We should be thinking about both.

This research supports our thinking at Pinnacle Life. There are lots of reasons why Kiwis are reluctant to take out insurance but one thing we know is that people cherish their families and that they understand bad stuff happens. As Kiwis, we tend to take a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude and think ‘it won’t happen to us’. That’s until someone close to us is affected by a loss of health or death and suddenly we don’t feel so invincible.

And that’s the story we wanted to get people thinking about. As our Chief Executive, Gillian Vaughan, says:

“It was important to create a campaign that would connect people emotionally to the story, those special family moments we cherish and remember – a story that celebrates life. At the same time, we want people to think about proactively protecting their families, so we show how over-looking or delaying taking out life insurance can have a ripple effect for family members.”

Our campaign shares a story of the world’s luckiest man surrounded by the family he loves. However, his unexpected passing means his family loses a father, husband and their financial security, resulting in a harder path for his son our boy as he grows up.

We realise this story might be a bit confronting. Talking about ‘the unthinkable’ and what would happen to those left behind are big conversations to have over the dinner table, but they’re really important ones.

We know when we pay claims to families left behind, or to those who can’t work, or to those diagnosed with a terminal illness, that having something in place can support a family in what is a really hard time. It is still heartbreaking to lose someone but having insurance means the grief is not compounded by a loss of financial security.

At Pinnacle Life we believe one of the keys things that make us feel lucky is the people we love. We want Kiwis to be able to protect what matters most, the people closest to us and those that rely on us for financial security.

“This campaign highlights why life insurance is so important – protecting those closest to us should we pass unexpectedly and it urges Kiwis to protect what makes them feel lucky.”

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