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Can Kiwi's living overseas buy life insurance?

Can Kiwi's living overseas buy life insurance?

Received the following from a reader yesterday…

“Kiwis are all over the world and while it is refreshing to see a NZ company thinking outside the box and the country, why are you restricted to only a few countries?”

If you haven’t seen the Pinnacle Life website it tells you that Kiwis living in Australia, UK, Ireland, Canada, US, Hong Kong and Singapore are all entitled to buy life insurance policies from Pinnacle Life online.The reader didn’t leave a name, but thanks for the question anyway.

The answer…Together with our reinsurer Hannover Re, we have identified these 7 countries as having reasonably similar mortality risk to New Zealand.

This means that our product and pricing can be standardised across these countries, simplifying our distribution. And at the same time, there is a good chance of us being able to source medical or death records in English, should they be needed either now or in the future.

At some point we may venture beyond these countries, but then we may need to offer differential pricing. This is something we could look at later, based on demand.

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