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Are you Generation C?

Pinnacle Life’s online life insurance was headlined “life insurance for the young and trendy” on the blog Mad Young Thing, in reference to our obvious appeal to the internet-savvy Generation C.

But who exactly is Generation C? And how do you know if you’re it??

There’s lots of commentary out there (just try a Google search) but apparently no consensus on what the “C” actually stands for.

The word “content” often comes out a winner - people who produce and share online content, post their photography on the Internet, and publish or comment on blogs. It follows that these will also be the people who are comfortable with and might prefer to buy consumer goods online.

With this in mind, I’d add the “now” generation as a further defining characteristic of Generation C. OK I’ve cheated, it doesn’t begin with C, but it’s the generation that doesn’t want to have to wait around. It’s more like "I see a product, I want it, I should be able to buy it immediately and online."

That’s what we’re about at Pinnacle Life – cutting out the complexities of insurance and giving consumers what they want at the click of a mouse… plenty of C’s there!

Be interested to know what others think.

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