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Where can you buy life insurance online?

I’m constantly bemused as new websites keep popping up in NZ offering ‘life insurance online'. There is nothing much wrong with these websites – other than some of the claims they make.

The big claim is that you can buy life insurance online.

True, you can from Pinnacle Life… but not from any of these new websites... well, not yet anyway. For the expectant visitor to one of these sites, sadly, no policy arrives at the end of the online process; only a list of things that will happen next, including being posted the application form for your signature followed by manual processing and envelope-licking... (hey, does anyone still keep stamps and envelopes in their drawer?)

Call me cynical if you like, but I'm not convinced that advertising 'buy life insurance online' and then serving up a 'manual process' involving people, pen, paper and postage is a credibility-winner for our industry.

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