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Celebrating life

On this blog we mostly talk about life insurance, living longer and how to financially protect your family if you die. But there’s no reason why a life insurance blog can’t also celebrate life... especially a new one.

Congratulations to Steve (other half of this blog) for the tiny new addition to his family today. We wish Steve’s family and their new son a happy, prosperous and l-o-o-o-o-o-n-g life!

And what would this blog be worth without a few stats, hey??

  • Young Jake will be one of around 60,000 children born in New Zealand this year.

  • As a newborn boy in NZ, young Jake can expect to live till 77.9 years.

  • Had he been a girl, she could have expected to live till 81.9 (a whole 4 years longer).

  • And it’s a good thing he wasn’t born in the 70’s, because then he would have had a life expectancy of only 69.0! (What a difference 30 years has made!)

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