Best countries for life insurance??

As an insurance company insuring people’s lives, we’re all for people with long healthy lives. The longer the better quite frankly. We make no bones about that. A long life is better for our insured clients, better for their families and better for us.

So if you owned an insurance company today, what country would you want to operate in? Surely where people live the longest... right? And which countries would they be...?? These are the top 10 countries you’d want to do business in because people live longer...

Life expectancy at birth Country

  • 83.51 years Andorra (in France)
  • 82.19 years Macau (near China)
  • 81.71 years San Marino (in Italy)
  • 81.81 years Singapore

  • 81.59 years Hong Kong

  • 81.25 years Japan

  • 80.51 years Sweden

  • 80.51 years Switzerland

  • 80.50 years Australia

  • 80.42 years Guernsey (in the English Channel)

Ok, I can hear you asking “where’s New Zealand”? Answer 78.88years!!...

(Stats as at June 2007)

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