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Blog turns 4...

Blog turns 4...

Four years on...its Happy Launchday! When we launched this blog on 30 April 2007, we said;

“The Life Insurance Blog has been created to demystify life insurance for consumers by providing insight and advice as well as generating debate and conversation about all things to do with life insurance.”

“Whilst life insurance is a serious business and something we all need at some point in our lives, it is essentially a simple commodity.” (…honestly, your family receives a big cash payment when you die… how simple is that?)

We also said;

This blog isn’t going to be your top entertainment site on the web, BUT if you’re thinking of buying life insurance there are some things you’ll want to know.”

“When it comes to life insurance, Pinnacle Life is for the consumer. We’re not here to sell you a product or extras that you may not need. We’re about cutting through the insurance mumbo jumbo, getting the price down and cutting out any middlemen that don’t add value.”

Well, four years down the line and we haven’t changed our pitch. This still pretty much sums up Pinnacle Life’s approach to the business of life insurance.

We want to thank the regular readers of our blog and also the many people that have gone on to buy life insurance from Pinnacle Life through the Pinnacle Life website. You’re why we do it.

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Life Insurance provides for those you leave behind.

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