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What is your favourite "Mum-ism"?

We all have that one thing – that something unique about our mum that sticks with us, and which we find ourselves doing with our children, or nieces and nephews. Those things that make our family ‘us’ and which make our mothers our Mums. Whether it be a special phrase, a ‘look’, or the special way in which she tucked us in at night, it’s part of our family tradition.

Today is Mother’s Day and a day to cherish our Mums, to tell them we love them, or remember them if they are no longer with us. I am sure that many of us today are travelling to be with our mums and families, or if we can’t be there, picking up the phone or skyping her.

Our mothers spend so much of their time protecting us and trying to keep us safe. And they often have a special saying or two that they used regularly to remind us of these things as we were growing up.

From the “don’t take lollies from strangers” advice when we were little, to dating advice as we got older, and then parenting advice as became mums and dads ourselves, we all have those special memories of our mums that make us smile.

When we started talking about our mums this week in the office, there was much laughter as we recounted those sayings we remembered most. And what made us laugh the most, is how although we thought some of them were unique to our family, they were used by other mums as well! So we thought we’d share a few of those mum-isms with you. How many of these can you relate to:

“I don’t care what so-and-so is doing, I’m not their mother”

“If you’re not going to do the job properly, don’t do it at all”

“I didn’t hear the magic word”

“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

“Put a cardigan on, I’m getting cold just looking at you”

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“Turn the lights off. Do you think we own the power company?”

“Close the door! Were you born in a tent?”

“Look with your eyes, not your mouth” (the inevitable response to “mum, have you seen my ….”)

“If I had talked to my mother like you talk to me …”

“I hope that when you grow up, you have kids "Just Like You"! “

“Because I'm your mother that's why.”

“Just wait till your Father gets home”

Feel free to share your favourite ones on our facebook page. Because here at Pinnacle Life, we believe that what we do helps make it a little easier to keep alive those special memories, for the people that you care most about.

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