Why we hide some Facebook comments – an explanation

Why we hide some Facebook comments – an explanation

You know the story, you see that comments have been deleted or hidden on a Facebook post, and you think; What’s the company trying to hide? What didn’t they like people saying that they had to hide or delete it?

In the last 12 months, we’ve hidden or deleted more comments on our Facebook posts than ever before. Why would we do that?

First – why do we use Facebook in the first place

The use of Facebook itself can be polarising. It’s a conversation we’ve had in the office. Should we continue to use a platform that

  • has known integrity issues and
  • fosters social media addiction.

For now, we’ve decided to keep using it. Facebook is still the most cost-effective way to reach customers and the public. We advertise our products and services and share our blogs and updates.

What we publish on Facebook

We publish a blog every couple of weeks. Our blogs cover:

  • information about life insurance and related products,
  • news about the industry,
  • news about us
  • wellness or relevant interest topics

We put these blogs on Facebook, and we ‘boost’ them. ‘Boosting’ means that as well as appearing in the feed of people who like our page, the post will appear in the feed of people who fit our target market.

You might see our ads or blogs, even if you don’t follow us or have nothing to do with us if you are:

  • aged 30-50
  • like other life insurance pages
  • have commented on our page previously
  • have commented on other life insurers
  • have been to our website

And now about those comments

We don’t believe other people should be able to use our page or posts to promote themselves or their beliefs, including spreading misinformation or disinformation. If our feed is used in this way, we will hide or delete those comments.

For example, we get genuine complaints from people who have been let down or treated badly by their insurer from time to time. Our first step in these instances is to check if they are a Pinnacle customer. Of all the complainants on our Facebook page, none have turned out to be a Pinnacle customer. These folk often have valid reasons to be angry or upset. These stories upset us too.

We usually reply to these comments offering support but also pointing out that every company and policy is different. If, however, the commentator turns it into a platform for a tirade against the insurance industry, we will hide or delete those comments.

In the last 12-18 months, the type of comment we have hidden the most has been to do with covid and covid vaccines. We will hide any comment that purports the covid vaccine to be a cause of death or injury or that insurance companies won’t cover you if you have had the vaccine or any other type of misinformation. We have written several blogs about covid and the vaccine, outlining the fact that covid makes no difference to whether you are covered or not, and neither does the vaccine.

Any comments with swearing or bad language will also be deleted!

Facebook is a handy tool for staying connected and raising awareness of important and interesting issues. If we all work together to keep it safe, it can continue to influence our lives positively. That’s why we will keep deleting or hiding comments from people who work against this while staying honest and informative.

Don’t let other people’s comments and experiences and the fact there are hidden or deleted comments put you off. If you want to get to know us, give us a call or check out our website.

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