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Switch your existing Life Insurance policy to Pinnacle Life and save 20%. Apply to switch online and we’ll send you a no-obligation quote to look over. We’ll then manage the switch process for you to make sure that you’re covered throughout.

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Some real customer examples ...

Here are some examples of how we've worked to get the best outcome for customers when they switched to Pinnacle Life :

  1. One couple were paying $1,224 per year for their existing cover. We had a look at their situation and realised our new policy rates were even better for them than our 20% off switch offer – they ended up paying only $901 per year - that was a 27% saving for the same level of cover.
  2. Another couple had to provide some medical info before they switched to Pinnacle Life. They were paying $363 per month and that went down to $291 per month. They saved nearly $900 in first twelve months alone. Over five years they’ll save well over $5,000.
  3. A customer switched to Pinnacle Life, and decided to keep their premiums the same - so we were able to offer them an extra $150k life cover for the same price.
So as you can see, we review each case individually to make sure we get you the best possible outcome to meet your needs.

How it works…

We’re able to offer this lower price because we keep our costs low through the smart use of online technology, and selling directly to consumers.

We can offer you this 20% reduction if...

  • Your health and lifestyle circumstances are about the same as when you purchased your existing policy.
  • Your existing policy only includes any combination of life cover up to $2 million with TPD (disability), trauma and accidental death benefits. (If you’ve got other benefits we may be able to help you split that policy and save 20% on the life cover - so apply anyway just to check).

And if your health or lifestyle has improved, such as you’ve given up smoking for over 12 months we might possibly be able to offer you more than a 20% discount!

To switch your policy…

  • Simply complete our online application. We’ll ask some questions about your current policy and your health. Have your existing schedule handy and it should take about 10 minutes.
  • We’ll look over your details and if everything’s in order we’ll send you a formal offer to review. If we need a few more details we'll be in touch.
  • You review our offer, make sure you are happy with it, and contact us with any questions.
  • If you choose to accept our policy offer there will be a few pieces of paper to sign and send back to us.
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