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Customer Feedback

"Too easy and is affordable, easy to process, didn’t wanted to go via a broker to avoid brokers to chase re sales."

- Rowan (Oct '18)

"Very easy to do it online, hassle free and straightforward."

- Nitin (Oct '18)

"Easy, straightforward and was easy to access"

- Nic (Oct '18)

"Easy to join and a straightforward process. 8/10 not 10 because I missed out on healthy living discount due to a gout problem (which has cleared)."

- Grant (October '18)

"10 out of 10 , was too easy and quick. Wasn’t a headache."

- Alexandra (Sep '18)

“Easiest and hassle free process, glad I finished my application with Pinnacle Life. I didn’t have time to go through multiple meeting with other insurance managers and I knew exactly what I wanted. Your website is super easy from A-Z”

- Christina (Sep '18)

“it’s the simplest and easiest life insurance and best thing I did for myself and my partner. I was really surprised with your customer service too, I absolutely loved it! It’s like a smooth sailing.”

- Yvonne (Sep '18)

"Really easy sign up process, follow up call was courteous and efficient - for something procrastinated so long was a very quick process!"

- Jon (Sep '18)

"Everything was very easy to process and super quick.”

- Nelson (Aug '18)

"I found your website user-friendly and intuitive."

- Philip (Jul '18)

"The website was really easy to use. All the information that I needed was there."

- Philip (Jun '18)

"I did an online comparison with other companies and yours came out the cheapest."

- Deanna (Apr '18)

"We'd just bought a second house, we got a quote with the bank then decided to look around. You were much easier and cheaper to join up with."

- Inga (Mar '18)

"Just bought a house, and we needed more cover. Cigna was too expensive so we decided to go with you."

- Robyn (Mar '18)

"Really nice website user experience and quoting systems ... best I have seen so far."

- Etienne (Jan '18)

“It was super easy - you were the easiest of all the companies! We have just purchased a new house and needed cover.”

- Tashiana (Dec '17)

“We needed a joint policy and yours seemed easy.”

- Sarah (Dec '17)

"We have just bought a house so we needed to get something in place. We chose Pinnacle Life based on product and price ... super-easy. Don't change anything!"

- Thomas & Caitlin (Nov '17)

"I am recently married, my wife and I knew we needed cover so decided to jump online. We did a couple of quotes and you were the cheapest... it was completely hassle-free."

- Lyronne (Nov '17)

" I did a google search, Pinnacle Life had lots of positive comments so decided to go with you... it was pretty simple."

- Raylene (Nov '17)

"Had a quote from my bank but it was too expensive. You were much cheaper ..."

- Dennis (Oct '17)

"... I decided I needed to get it sorted. My sister-in-law passed away this year and she had no cover ..."

- Jane (Oct '17)

"Did some research online ... liked what we read about Pinnacle Life ... it was all very easy"

- Eugene (Oct '17)

"...pretty painless and easy with no harassing. Gave us time to mull over and get it done as we wanted."

- Melissa (Sep '17)

"Heard you on the radio ... and went online. Just awesome and easy to use, price was cheap as well."

- Dave (Jul '17)

"Very easy process, convenient and efficient. Pinnacle is the best!"

- Raziff (Jul '17)

"I found your website very easy to navigate and had a policy with no hassles ..... a breath of fresh air"

- Philip (May '17)

"I went straight to the online process, and then lo and behold, had a policy that I liked."

- William (March '17)

" ... I want to thank you for your great customer is enough to deal with the loss of a most loved husband, father and grandfather and then to try and deal with everything else ..."

- Evena (Feb '17)

" .. straight forward and easy for someone like myself who is not very computer savvy."

- Christine (Jan '17)

"Pinnacle Life was easy to purchase by just doing it online. I didn't want to go into an insurance office & spend hours filling out forms ..."

- Khan (Dec '16)

“Compared to other companies, we think your process is the best!”

- Qingguo (Sep '16)

“We had just bought a house. We googled and found your premiums suited our pocket.”

- Nicole (Sep '16)

"I was looking for a wholly owned New Zealand based company, and after looking at a few insurers who turned out not to be ... I remembered that Pinnacle Life was."

- Phillip (Nov '16)

"...easy to do online ... I am very busy at work and didn't want to have to deal with someone over the phone"

- Chris (Sep '16)

"You came highly recommended from friends and family alike. I also thought it was great value for money. Really good price!"

- Wai (August '16)

"Pretty simple and easy to apply, medical questions were done in a very respectful way, and clarification was available on-line. I was most happy with the speed with which you could get everything done."

- Terry (August '16)

"I work full-time, so I don't have time to dilly-dally and I hopped on-line before I went to work. It took me very little time to complete ... a life-saver for someone who is busy like me."

- Annette (August '16)

"Love ringing your contact centre as we get to speak to a consultant directly. No need to select options."

- Kausul (May '16)

“Very competitive pricing, and signing up online was a breeze. Very happy with my choice.”

- Danny

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