"If a small New Zealand life insurer can do it…"

That’s the question asked by UK site Private Healthcare UK in a lead article on insurance today. It seems that UK insurers argue that electronic underwriting and getting cover online is impossible. Well, Pinnacle Life has proved them wrong.

Here’s a taster of what the article says:

Life insurance Hot Topic, May 2007

“If a small New Zealand life insurer can do it, why don’t UK insurers do it? Web sites with instant quotes are common, although too often the price is only an indication until the insurer has your completed proposal form. Web sites where you can get your policy emailed to you as a full legal document, instantly, are as rare as hen’s teeth.”

“You can do it for airline and theatre tickets, and other services, why not insurance? “

“…We have road-tested the Pinnacle site and it does exactly what it says on the tin – quickly and efficiently. You even get to fully preview a printable copy of your own policy before being asked for payment.”

“…If health and life insurers really do want to sell to the younger generation then they had better start getting on the same technology wavelength as potential customers.”

“…So who will be the first UK health insurer to rise to the challenge??”

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