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Pinnacle Life sponsoring grassroots sport

We’re proud to announce the commencement this month of our Corporate Partnering program in association with two grassroots sporting clubs.


Our partner program enables these clubs to offer their members access to our life insurance products. Members that purchase our products get an additional life insurance benefit added to their policy, absolutely free. In addition, for each policy taken up by a member, we contribute a percentage of the premiums to the club. So there's something for everyone!

Clubs that have signed up this month to participate are Eastern Suburbs AFC (based in Auckland) and Wynrs NZ (Nationally based).

Members of these clubs can now buy our products directly off their club website. Click and see for yourself!

We look forward to a lengthy and mutually successful association with these clubs and to developing relationships with many more! If your club is interested in partnering with us, please don't hesitate to give us a call. (Auckland 522-5515 - ask for Steve or Ed)

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