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What's Daffodil Day and why are we promoting it?

29 August is Daffodil Day, the Cancer Society’s annual flagship event - creating awareness and raising funds for the society’s important work. Why a daffodil?

Because it’s one of the first flowers of Spring. Its yellow blooms remind us of the joys of the new season and represent hope for people affected by cancer.

Why Daffodil Day on our blog? Because the simple fact is that more people die from cancer in NZ than from any other cause... around 30% of males and 26% of females. So almost 30% of all life insurance claims in NZ are for cancer!

Here are a few more stats that may interest you...

Top 6 cancer-killers for Men

  • Lung 24%
  • Prostate 17%
  • Bowel 16%
  • Stomach 5%
  • Pancreas 5%
  • Leukaemia 5%

Top 6 cancer-killers for Women

  • Breast 21%
  • Bowel 19%
  • Lung 18%
  • Ovary 6%
  • Pancreas 5%
  • Stomach 4%
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