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PINK RIBBON = Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Action Month. This is all about making people aware that breast cancer is the #1 woman-killer in New Zealand and that women should undergo regular screening.

Some facts:

  • All women have a chance of developing breast cancer in their lifetimes.
  • Around 2,400 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year; that's almost 7 per day!
  • As women grow older, the risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer increases…
Age Risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer
30s 1 in 204
40s 1 in 67
50s 1 in 35
60s 1 in 33
70s 1 in 38
  • The rate of breast cancer diagnosis is increasing in NZ… an 18% increase in the ten-year period 1995 and 2004…
  • However, the death rate from breast cancer is falling slightly… due (in part) to the efforts of making women more aware of the need for regular screening… which is exactly why we’re talking about it on our blog!
  • Still, around 650 women are likely to die this year from breast cancer… that’s 12 women per week! So no reason to be complacent.

In NZ many women tend not to have regular screening mammograms…. this means if there is breast cancer, it’s often well established by the time their doctor examines them and these women are more at risk of dying from breast cancer… obviously.

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