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Pinnacle Life rolls out ‘paperless' direct debit...


Pinnacle Life has been able to remove the last remaining piece of paper from the process of buying life insurance.

Actually that’s not quite true.The process was always 100% paperless if you paid by credit card or by internet banking, but not for direct debit payments. To authorise a direct debit, you always needed to sign a piece of paper that Pinnacle Life conveniently attached to the policy document.

Happily, this is no longer so…

Now that the NZ banking industry has moved with the times, online direct debits have just become possible.

So at Pinnacle Life you can now authorise your direct debit and pay for your policy simply by ticking a few boxes and entering your account number on the Pinnacle Life website when you buy a policy. (Buy a policy and see for yourselfJ)

Quick, simple, clean and… green. Here’s to saving those forests.

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