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Pinnacle Life website makeover for iPad and iPhone

Pinnacle Life has launched a refreshed website that now runs on iPads, Tablets and smartphones.

Ok, now that we've got the key message out there, here are a few more details for the tech savvy (or for the just-plain-curious)…

When Pinnacle Life first launched its website in April 2007, the website’s user interface utilised Adobe Flash, which required users to have the Flash player installed on their PC. Without the Flash player, a user would be able to view information regarding Pinnacle Life’s business and products, but would not be able to purchase a policy online.

Pinnacle Life used Flash in 2007 because it was the best available technology to provide an outstandingly rich web interface and an uncompromised user experience.

However, over the past five years a range of new/popular hardware devices have emerged (read Apple’s iPad and iPhone) that do not run Flash. Also over the past five years HTML5 has emerged as the web standard (Silverlight never really took hold) and delivers a user experience that in many instances rivals Flash.

Pinnacle Life’s refreshed website uses HTML5 and delivers a user experience that, if anything, improves on the previous Flash-based version.

If you’re currently reading this blog on your tablet, iPad or smartphone, click here and see for yourself.

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