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It’s day 7 - how are those New Year Resolutions going for you!

New Years Resolutions.jpgHere we are – already one week into the 2016 Year. According to the stats, nearly 75% of us have already failed to keep our New Year’s resolutions – mainly because we set the bar too high for ourselves and we didn’t have a plan to support us achieving our goals.

For most of us, our resolutions revolve around improving our lives –whether physically through more exercise, eating better and quitting smoking; or through being happier through reducing stress, getting better work / life balance, or spending more time with friends and family. have a list of the top 10 resolutions people make to improve their lifestyle, and some tips to help keep you on track – how many of these match your resolutions for the year?

1.Lose weight

2.Stay in touch

3.Quit smoking

4.Save money

5.Cut your stress


7.Go back to school

8.Cut back on alcohol

9.Get more sleep


So if you are one of those 3 in 4 people who have failed to keep their New Years resolutions already – don’t give up, just start again, and set yourself up a plan to help keep you on track. After all, there are still 358 days left in the year to achieve those resolutions.

The key is making your plan easy and simple to follow – something you can stick to without changing too much in one go.

Funnily enough, 75% is a number we use a lot at Pinnacle Life – but for the opposite reason. By making our life insurance application process easy nearly 75% of our customers can apply for and get a life insurance policy issued in around 10 minutes – it’s one of the things that we’ve learnt from our customers at Pinnacle Life – keeping it simple is what we all want!

And we reckon that this helps us help you cut your stress (resolution #5), by knowing your family is protected, and we can also save you 20% on your life insurance premiums (resolution #4)!

So check us out at

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