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Tyres? Check... Life Insurance? Check...

It's not every tyre company that sells life insurance, is it?

"With tyres being a huge safety component of the vehicle, I thought it would be a nice fit", says Steve. "Besides, those old, worn-out life insurance companies badly need a retread and I'm the man for the job".

These are the words of Steve Lange, senior executive of Tony’s Tyre Service, the tyre company that recently launched Tony’s Tyres for Life, a brand of life insurance offered direct to consumers on-line.

Clearly it takes true entrepreneurship to pull something like this off. Congrats to Steve Lange and his team for getting this online life insurance venture off the ground. Gotta be good for consumers, especially the ones that drive cars J...

The online insurance products offered to customers of Tony’s Tyres are insured by Pinnacle Life, the pioneer of online life insurance in New Zealand.

The story broke in the mainstream media last week. Read the story here in the National Business Review.

(Update: Effective 1 December 2009, Pinnacle Life is no longer associated with Tony's Tyres)

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