New look for Pinnacle Life!

New look for Pinnacle Life!

At Pinnacle Life we don’t spend much time on the fluffy things that won’t make an immediate difference to our customers or our people’s lives. But in a reflective moment recently when we actually LOOKED at our logo we realised it was time for an update.

While our old triangle reflected our strength and longevity there were lots of things about us that we felt the old logo didn’t encapsulate. So we set about designing a new one with help from our friend Robyn La Roche from LaRoche Design.

We wanted to keep the ‘Pinnacle’ shape of a triangle which has a point (or pinnacle) but we wanted to modernise it. We also wanted to make sure it would be easy for you to print and for us to incorporate into our website and other material.

Our new design is so much more than a blue pointy triangle – it has a point!

  • The five white lines represent the main factors in happiness: family, friends, health, career and finances.
  • They also reflect that life changes direction and can take many pathways.
  • We journey alongside you and the blue and white lines represent our paths running beside each other.
  • We’ve used a strong and bold font. There are many things we are proud of and the font is a way to indicate our steadfastness in these things.

Other variations were considered but we rejected them for being too frilly, too busy or lacking in a story. We love our new version and look forward to rolling it out. We hope you love it too!

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